These two ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), designed and constructed by Mike Cameron and his team at Dark Matter, were three years in the making. Elwood and Jake, first called simply bot 1 and bot 2 (short for "robot"), are very compact by ROV standards, only 70 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm. Designed to return high-quality video, these vehicles are unique in that they are not tethered to a sub by a finite length of heavy "umbilical" power cable as others have been. They are self powered by on-board batteries, and only a tiny fiber-optic line connects the ROV with the sub, used only to transmit commands and receive the video image back. As the vehicle moves, the 2000-foot fiber-optic line spools out behind, enabling the ROV to exit the wreck from a different point than it entered. Every attempt is made to recover the fiber-optic line left behind. But for what cannot be retrieved, the tiny cord was designed to biodegrade in sea water within four to six years, says Mike Cameron. The names Jake and Elwood are the result of a contest held aboard Keldysh, a nod to the Blues Brothers. In this photo, I stand next to Jake (bot 2) which is secure in its garage in front of Mir 2. (Don Lynch)