James Cameron was the writer, director, editor, and/or producer of the hit movies The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss, Aliens, Point Break, True Lies, and others. His latest film, TITANIC, did okay at the box office too. Cameron’s interest in Titanic goes back many years. He mounted an expedition in the summer of 1995 to get footage of the wreck for use in the opening sequences of his as-yet-unmade film. Tantalized by what he saw inside the wreck in 1995, Cameron wanted to return with smaller ROVs capable of greater interior exploration. His brother Michael designed the new, ground-breaking ROV technology necessary to make the 2001 expedition possible. Cameron’s other brother, John David, also played a role in the project. As creator/producer of www.EarthShip.tv, John David directed broadband Internet video-streaming coverage of the expedition from aboard Keldysh. Jim Cameron told me during the making of TITANIC that he wanted to explore the wreck further someday and that, if he did, he’d invite me along. He kept his word. (Douglas Kirkland)