Don Lynch at the bow of Keldysh. He is the long-time historian for the Titanic Historical Society and the author of The New York Times best-seller Titanic: An Illustrated History. Don also assisted Cameron as script and historical consultant on his movie TITANIC. His familiarity with passengers and crew of Titanic came in handy in selecting specific rooms to explore.

A two-way radio, or "walkie," is on his hip. We all had one of these and kept them with us at all times. They were indispensable in helping to coordinate the work. A typical transmission might start with the hail, "Rich, Rich, go for Todd," or "Ed Marsh, Ed Marsh,...John Bruno." After the person answered came the inevitable "What’s your 20 [location]?" This went on all day.

I’ve known Don since the mid-1970s. Being away from home for nearly seven weeks, and during the anguish immediately following Sept. 11, it was a comfort to share this expedition with him. (Ken Marschall)