Below is a painting I did showing the condition of the bridge area at the time the wreck was discovered in 1985. After 16 years certain features here look significantly different. Here are a few recent developments:

1) All these bulwarks are now down flat on deck.
2) This athwartships railing has broken at the dotted line, fallen forward, and now sticks out, resting level.
3) This teak rail, or topcourse, has fallen aft and now lies on the deck inside.
4) The collapsing decking of the captain’s (or navigating) bridge has fallen mostly away, giving a clear view of many of the forward A-deck stateroom windows below that were previously hidden.
5) The port side of the forwardmost stokehold vent, once standing as shown, is now down, fallen to starboard, and the level section of roof just below in the painting (with the square hole in it) is gone.
6) More of the roof has fallen away here. (Ken Marschall)