Editor's Acknowledgments

Although this website was made possible by the work of many people, very special thanks must go to Ken Marschall. Ken is, of course, best known as the Titanic’s "portrait artist," having produced well over 100 paintings of her during the last 30-plus years. However, in this effort to document the decay of the wreck since her discovery in 1985, he demonstrates his lesser-known talents as diarist, editor, photographic interpreter, and (for want of a better term) master of minutia.

Apart from the hundreds of hours it took to assemble and organize his notes into their final form, Ken has also generously selected and enhanced scores of photographs and diagrams from his private collection to round out the text and lend visual interest to the documentation.

Our knowledge of Titanic, past and present, would be seriously impoverished without the work he has done over the last 35 years.