by Parks Stephenson

Unfinished computer-generated imagery (CGI) intended for, but not used in, the 2005 Discovery Channel documentary, Last Mysteries of the Titanic (LMoT).

Each of the CG models used to render these images is still in work...please check back periodically for updates. All CGI was modelled and rendered using Newtek's Lightwave 3D.

The contents of this webpage are the property of marconigraph.com. Please do not use elsewhere without permission. If I find that others are taking advantage of my trust, then the finished version of these images will never be publically shared.

Re-created interiors:

Turkish Bath Cooling Room

Swimming Bath

Boiler Rooms 5 & 6

Scotland Road

Duff-Gordon cabin privacy screen

Marconi Rooms

My heartfelt thanks to Ken Marschall, Bill Sauder, Simon Mills and Carl Spencer, all of whom participated in the research to make these CG models as accurate as possible. I dedicate the enclosed imagery to Jim Cameron, whose explorations of the wreck's interior made these recreations possible.

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