Swimming Bath

When we were planning the expedition, we had hope that Jim would end his "grand tour" of the ship in the Swimming Bath. However, the chances of the watertight doors leading to the Swimming Bath from the Cooling Room being open were very slim, especially in light of Steward Wheat's testimony. Just on the chance that Wheat might be wrong, or that an alternate route might be found into the pool area, I built this CG model. There's nothing really new here, especially since it's based off known documentation. The only question about this room is the circular device on the forward wall, which Ken and I finally concluded looks to be a glass-covered dial of some sort. When I first built this model, I thought that it might be a spare deadlight, which explains the star motif in the centre. However, upon closer examination, it does not appear to be a deadlight. There are some details about the Bath that I learned while building this model, like the placement of the drains and feeds, which did not make it into the model for lack of time. I also didn't put in the shower hardware; there is a photo of the shower in the collection of a Titanic enthusiast, but I need permission to use it as a reference for my model. Bill Sauder helped me with the piping arrangements so that every one would be correctly placed.