Boiler Rooms 5 & 6

A subject near and dear to my heart...the boiler rooms. Also, a frigging nightmare. Yes, I had the original steel plans to work off of, but how does one figure out and build every detail from a boiler room? I still don't know the answer to that question, as my boiler room model is far from complete. In the render above, you will see that detail falls off the farther you move aft. It's also difficult to know where to stop your model, or what detail to leave out so that you can make sense of what you see. In the render above, I made the boiler uptakes partially transparent and left out the catwalks and ventilation ducting. This render was also run before I put in the boiler-room telegraph. What really keeps this model from being complete, though, is the absence of piping. I refused to put in piping until I knew where it was going, and the effort to determine that will take some time to complete. This is a project that I must come back to when I have the time.

Now, we're down at stokehold level (Stokehold 10), looking toward the port side of the ship. A lot of the detail in this view comes from the dive footage of Britannic's Boiler Room 6, thanks to both Simon Mills and Carl Spencer. My placement of the boiler-room telegraph is pure guesswork; in fact, there may not be one in Stokehold 10 (I have proof of one in Stokehold 11, which may be the only one in the entire boiler room). This scene is missing a lot of piping, but what it really needs to look realistic is a lot of coal chunkage on the stokehold plates. Titanic's boiler rooms would not be this clean and uncluttered! The Downie-pattern coal loaders on the furnace fronts were a major revelation to me as I built out this space and as luck would have it, I would see one on the ocean floor off the starboard side of the bow section during my dive to the wreck. There are too many stoking indicators, too. This is a thrilling view, but still requires a ton of work before it could be called complete.

Click here to see an animated fly-through of Boiler Rooms 5 & 6. (NOTE: LARGE 276MB file, so please be patient while it loads)