Scotland Road

Scotland Road was difficult to render, because it's impossible to get a good, overall view of its length without resorting to a God's-eye view. I honestly didn't think that Scotland Road would get much, if any, play in LMoT, but as it happened, there is a scene that makes use of the Earthship version (low-polygon) of this model. Because I didn't want to spend more time than was necessary on this model, I did not incorporate the deck's sheer. In reality, if you looked down the entire length of Scotland Road, you would see it curve upward in the distance. Jim found this passageway a shambles...the service piping overhead had fallen to varying degrees and the walls were indistinct. However, he did make it to the doors cut into the side of the forward boiler casing and saw the escape ladder leading down to Boilers Rooms 5 & 6. I learned while building this model that there were no handrails, ventilation ducting was not run down the length of the passageway and that the lighting was mounted on the inboard walls only. Also, my depiction of the piping is not accurate. I'll fix it someday.