Duff-Gordon Cabin Privacy Screen

One of the most astounding and unexpected finds during the LMoT expedition was the etched-glass privacy screen found in stateroom A-16, occupied by Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. This intact glass was found still mounted in the window frame, its Celtic design a real work of beauty in spite of all the devastation around it. Even though it makes use of the same design elements as found in a similar screen seen in an Olympic archival photo, this Titanic design is unique. It's an intriguing design...the Celtic knots, Phoenix surrounds, dogs and nymphs would seem to come straight from the Book of Kells, but the ship flies flags with Crusader-style crosses and the lion rampant. The tall, central figure in the ship seems to be hauling in a net...could this be a Christ-like figure? Regardless, this find reminds us of two things; first, Titanic had her own identity that distinguishes her from Olympic; and second, art still exists inside the Titanic wreck...for how long it will remain, no one can say for sure.