Turning Visual Historian Ken Marschall into "J. Bruce Ismay."

Fitting Historian Don Lynch in costume as Thomas Andrews.
(Photo: Elise Hicks)

John J. Donovan and Parks Stephenson getting "Captain Smith's" uniform just so.

Makeup giving the "stokers" their grimy appearance.

Actor Judy Prestininzi, as Margaret Brown, and Don Lynch, as Thomas Andrews, in the same costumes worn by their character counterparts from the '97 film.

Once in wardrobe, Ken Rounds and Dale Ridge became Isidor and Ida Straus. Both actors were veterans of the '97 film. Dale also portrayed Elizabeth Lines in another scene. In this scene, "Isidor" is trying to convince "Ida" to climb into a lifeboat without him.

Francine and Judy Prestininzi displaying more costumes from the original film.

Elise Hicks, portraying the Countess of Rothes, and Piper Gunnarson, portraying Madeleine Astor.
(Photo: Elise Hicks)

Ken Marschall, Don Lynch, and Parks Stephenson in wardrobe. Ken and Don are wearing the same costumes that Jonathon Hyde and Victor Garber, respectively, wore for the '97 film.

Judy Prestininzi receiving a touch-up from Makeup on the stage.
(Photo: Elise Hicks)

Behind the Scenes of "Ghosts of the Abyss"