Jim Cameron at the conn of his ship.

Parks Stephenson on the "sticks." Behind him, Fox Studios Baja Production Supervisor Charlie Arneson, portraying First Officer William Murdoch, awaits his cue.

Jim Cameron discussing a scene with Ken Marschall. Producer Chuck Comisky (far right) listens in.

A real-life tangle of the falls being worked out with a marlinspike, just as it would have been done in 1912. Production Supervisor Stephen Marinaccio is standing on deck at image center in costume.

Parks Stephenson voicing off-screen commands to "Quartermaster Hichens," portrayed by Miguel Wilkins, at the wheel.

Behind Miguel Wilkins is the Reality Camera System (RCS), developed by Jim Cameron and Vince Pace of Pace Technologies, in association with Sony. Standard cameras were used to image the interior of the Titanic wreck from within the pressurised housings of small, remotely-controlled underwater vehicles developed by Mike Cameron of Dark Matter LLC.

Jim Cameron discussing Thomas Andrews's actions with Don Lynch.

The "damage assessment" is run through by the principals. Left to right: Charlie Arneson as First Officer William Murdoch, J.J. Donovan as Captain E.J. Smith, Don Lynch as Thomas Andrews, and Jim Cameron.

Jim Cameron and Ken Marschall discussing "Ismay's" reaction to the news.

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