Don Lynch, as "Thomas Andrews," discussing the construction of the ship with two of his men. The ever-present RCS hovers on its boom in the left foreground.

Ken Marschall, as J. Bruce Ismay, reading the paper in his parlour suite. Ken, a non-smoker, gamely puffed on a cigar for this scene.

Elise Hicks, as the "Countess of Rothes," descending the Grand Staircase.

A production assistant, Adriana Valdez, traded her head mic, jeans and T-shirt for a vintage dress in order to portray Helen Candee standing at the ship's stem. The transformation from PA to Edwardian lady was nothing short of amazing...people could not take their eyes off this stunning woman. A large fan off-screen provided the wind that would have been generated by the ship's movement.

"Captain Smith" walking his rounds with his "officers" in tow. Left to right: Charlie Arneson as First Officer Murdoch, J.J. Donovan as Captain Smith, unknown, Brett Sauey as Sixth Officer Moody and Jesse Baker as Second Officer Lightoller.

Charlie Arneson, as First Officer William Murdoch, reacting to the iceberg.

"Harold Bride," portrayed by Justin Baker, discussing the new SOS call with the seated "Jack Phillips," portrayed by Justin Shaw.

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