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The "ship's carpenter" reporting his observations to "Captain Smith," while the "bridge crew" listens. Ken Marschall waits out of frame for his cue to rush onto the bridge. Left to right, Miguel Wilkins, unknown, Charlie Arneson, Ken Marschall, J.J. Donovan, Brett Sauey.

Don Lynch, as Thomas Andrews, and Brett Sauey, as Sixth Officer Moody, attempting to calm the fear of female "passengers," portrayed by (left to right) Judy Prestininzi, Elise Hicks, and Kat Stranahan.

"Father Byles" giving absolution to the doomed "passengers" left on board.

J.D. Cameron re-creating Major Peuchen's slide down the falls.

"Charles Joughin" sitting atop the stern railing. In reality, the man portraying Joughin had to hang perpendicular to the floor for several minutes, as the stern set did not rise.

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Behind the Scenes of "Ghosts of the Abyss"