The life of an actor...sitting, sitting, sitting into the wee hours of the morning. In costume, no less.

Seated, left to right: Shane Stranahan, Kat Stranahan, Ken Marschall (who spent much of the shoot in "Ismay's" pajamas, robe, and slippers), Don Lynch, Judy Prestininzi, Francine Prestininzi, Elise Hicks, Ellen Mower O'Brien, William Hicks.

The Fox studio commissary held a few surprises. Every day, actors and film crews ate on the original tables and chairs from the "Titanic" First-class Dining Saloon. The table in the foreground is supposedly the same one at which"Jack" was invited to sit...the hole for the table lamp has since been filled in. Over 200 of these Dining Saloon chairs populate this room, all in varying condition. Stained-glass panels from Hello, Dolly! and a photo backdrop from Romeo+Juliet cover the walls. Shane Stranahan and William Hicks are seated at the table in the foreground, Don Lynch is walking past the buffet in the right background.

Another view of the Fox studio commissary. Seated at the foreground table from left to right: Elise Hicks, Ken Marschall, Shane Stranahan, Kat Stranahan, and William Hicks.
(Photo: Elise Hicks)

Groups naturally group was comprised of the young actors who portrayed Titanic's officers and uniformed crew, another by more professional actors. The group pictured here consisted of advisors/actors, their friends and family.

Standing, left to right: Francine Prestininzi, Kat Stranahan, Parks Stephenson, Don Lynch, Ken Marschall, William Hicks, Dale Ridge. Seated, left to right: Judy Prestininzi, Elise Hicks, Ellen Mower O'Brien.

Some of the "First-Class Ladies" being transported to the stage.
(Photo: Elise Hicks)

Charlie Arneson's assistant, Carlos Gallardo, captured this typical moment for posterity.
(Photo: Carlos Gallardo)

Parks Stephenson demonstrating the fun one can have with a fibreglass oar.

Creative Producer Ed Marsh being...well, creative.

Each night of filming extended further and further into the following morning. The last night of shooting continued through dawn. At around 3 AM, simple things can strike one as insanely hilarious. This picture of J. J. Donovan getting himself a drink looked too much like something one might see aboard the Exxon Valdez. Well, it seemed funny at the time....

Behind the Scenes of "Ghosts of the Abyss"