Proposed Arrangement and Identification of Telegraphs

Telegraphs on the Captain’s Bridge

Since all the ship’s mechanical telegraphs were operated from the captain’s bridge, discussion on their proposed identity will start here.

The original configuration for the Olympic’s captain’s bridge is preserved for us in a photograph taken in 1912. Father Francis Browne, an avid amateur photographer, booked the first leg of Titanic’s maiden voyage from Southampton to Queenstown and disembarked in Ireland. After that final landfall, the Titanic continued on its ill-fated voyage to New York. After the ship’s loss, Fr. Browne boarded Olympic to photograph spots where dramatic moments had unfolded on Titanic only a few weeks before.

The original format of Fr. Browne’s photo is not quite wide enough to show the full panorama of instruments and the copy below has been manipulated to include the missing telegraph.

The photograph has had the proposed telegraph identities inserted into the caption above the image.

From the Father Browne SJ Collection

This arrangement shows the proposed identity of each dial on the captain’s bridge. Drawing is not to exact scale, intended only to show approximate positions of the bridge instruments.

From the author's collection

Broken down schematically, this diagram shows the proposed linkages between the individual telegraph faces (red for port-related command, green for starboard)

From the author's collection

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