Foxploration Virtual Tour

Index of Parks Stephenson's personal pictures taken at the Titanic Expo exhibit, which is a permanent attraction at the Foxploration theme park in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.


When Fox Studios Baja closed, Foxploration became Xploration. I do not know if the Titanic exhibit remained, as many props belonging to 20th Century Fox were moved to storage in the USA. The pictures here do not reflect the park's current state.

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Taken during a family outing on 28 Jul 01:

Ken Marschall, Don Lynch and Parks Stephenson during a break in the shooting for the film, Ghosts of the Abyss, on 25 Feb 02:

Some time after 1992, the Titanic exhibit was moved to a smaller building. The sets were compressed a bit in order to fit into the new accommodation. Re-enactment scenes for the Discovery Channel documentary, Last Mysteries of the Titanic, were filmed in early May 2005 in the new location. Ken Marschall and I changed the Marconi Room exhibit to more accurately reflect the historical Titanic, rather than the film version. The following pictures were taken on 10 May 05.

These images are personal photos and I have permission from the subjects to post them here for public enjoyment. Please do not copy and post them elsewhere without first contacting me; otherwise, I might be asked to remove them permanently.

Cape Race